What is a Team Room?

What is a Team Room?

Across the nation and overseas many who have served in various military commands and certainly a special operations unit remembers the “Team Room” and all the memories made there, good and bad.  Not only was it a place to discuss operational plans prior to a mission, but also the place to celebrate success after a mission. Or to remember those who did not make it back from an important mission. And if your team was so inclined, perhaps to drink a well-earned beverage together as you finished up another hard day at the office.  The Team Room was a special place on active duty and for many of us we’ve carried the concept onto the other side of the fence in our post active-duty lives and so can you.

Whether you’ve transitioned to the civilian side, are still serving on active duty, or have never been in the military a day in your life, the Team Room (literally or conceptually) helps everyone in a small business, company, unit, or team bond and support one another better by creating a place to gather, tell stories or jokes, get to know each other better, relax after a hard day’s work, or maybe recognize someone for a special achievement in front of their coworkers. The Team Room is a special place and has to look sharp, feel sharp, and stay sharp.

If you want to create a Team Room for you and your coworkers, then operationteamroom.com is your go-to place for everything needed to look sharp, feel sharp, and stay sharp.

No matter where you serve now, you can create a Team Room and outfit it with all the best memorabilia, gadgets, hardware, and drink accessories from operationteamroom.com.

Unite your unit, build your Team Room, set it up today!

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